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Centre for Surface Science and Catalysis

The Centre brings together members of the academic staff in Chemistry and a number of colleagues from other University departments with complementary skills and interests. The Centre is extremely well equipped and, with support from the University of Reading, moved into newly furnished laboratories at the beginning of 1996.

The research undertaken in the Centre is the application of fundamental science to problems in pure and applied catalysis and surface science. The staff have had long associations with industrial companies across a wide spectrum of chemical, petrochemical, refinery processing, energy conversion, and environmental research.

Interests include

Novel Carbon Materials

  • Carbon Nanotubes and spheroidal carbons (onions)

  • Metal nanoparticles

Solid state chemical sensors
Electrocatalysis using modified electrode surfaces
Development of modified electrodes and sensors
Environmental Catalysis
Characterisation of adsorbed species on well-defined single crystal surfaces
Characterisation of the morphology of supported catalysts
Development and extension of infrared spectroscopy methods


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